Clymaxx picks ‘Top Striker’ as winner

September 20, 2019
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Clymaxx’s Top Striker to hit hard
Clymaxx’s Top Striker to hit hard

Dancehall artiste Clymaxx believes she has found the song that will give her just enough attention to finally get her foot through music's 'golden gates'. The 2016 Magnum Queen of dancehall told THE WEEKEND STAR that despite the difficulty, she remains steadfast in her quest to leap over barriers on her way to the top of the music industry.

"As Jahmiel say, the strongest soldier get the hardest fight. Me see myself as a strong soldier so in the end, me just a look forward to breaking barriers because, evidently, they are there. Right now the industry kinda segregated, it's more of a clique and links thing weh a go present certain opportunities to an artiste," Clymaxx said.

"It difficult, yes, but I have seen cases where artistes never really get the shine weh dem shoulda get in the early stages of their careers, but in the latter part they excelled to maximum potential," she said.

According to Clymaxx, Top Striker, which was released on September 9 on Shab Don's Sexperience riddim, has been getting excellent feedback.

"I think Top Striker have a lot of potential. Me a see certain things as far as feedback is concerned weh me never a see before, and people a identify a difference, a growth."

It's about a girl who is mostly interested in a gangster kinda guy, and it's a part of my reality in a sense, and is reality for a lot of women. The girls dem love it. Right now on my Vevo it is at 10,000 views, which is the most views I've gotten on my Vevo so far, so it a gwaan good. Right now, me all have a Top Striker challenge a gwaan pan social media, and me a get a whole heap a video of people vibing to the song. It really have a whole heap a potential."

Clymaxx, who recently collaborated with I-Wayne, said she understands people's expectations of her, having won the Magnum talent competition, but she says she is moving at her own pace and is satisfied with her progress. "Me can't live up to everyone's expectations, so right now I'm living up to my own expectations and I think I'm doing a great job. I won Magnum in 2016 and look now, in 2019, I have an interview concerning new music, so I'm feeling good about that. I'm putting my best foot forward; it's just that some things take time and not everything may work out in your timing, but I'm feeling very positive about my music and I'm dedicated to achieving my goals."

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