Lybran joins cut-off time debate with new single

September 20, 2019

Dancehall star Lybran is making his voice heard with a brand new track titled Naah Vote.

It comes in light of the ongoing conflict between police and the entertainment community, as the lawmen are shutting down events at the designated cut-off times, whereas previously they would use their discretion and give extensions.

Major concerns

"My views on this is basically trying to understand from the government side and the public side. The fact remains that our culture is what makes our island. So the people, along with sports and food, are all important," he explained.

One of his major concerns is the level of respect towards dancehall in Jamaica.

"I believe that our people benefit a lot from events and it has been a while since the authorities have been plaguing the dancehall culture, while other cultures get more privilege," he said.

With the track touching a very topical issue, the feedback has been great so far and plans are in place for a music video to be made, fittingly set in a party.

One of the concerns expressed by the government was the effect late night events have on, for example, the nurses and doctors who work at odd hours.

However, while Lybran understands the sentiment, he stated that even events around the island that would not impact medical practitioners in this way are still being targeted.

He believes that a compromise is possible and there are several ways to fix the issue.

"My suggestion is to have party zones that promoters in the inner-city can have their events in and just use discretion when it comes to certain things that build our peoples' spirits," he said.

Proclaimed as the 'Rum Boss', Lybran is known for past hits such as Mi Nuh Trust Dem, Labba Labba and Rum Talk Part 1 & 2. Currently, he is working on material for a brand new EP.

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