Goldie Locs making more dance moves

October 16, 2020
Goldie Locs
Goldie Locs

The dancing dream took Goldie Locs to Kingston, where she immersed herself in the city's vibrant culture, but the catastrophe of COVID-19 pausing festivities all around left her no choice but to return to her roots, Mandeville in Manchester.

"My moving from Kingston to Mandeville had a lot to do with the curfews and just how fast this virus was spreading, resulting in the halt of the public or face-to-face classes, stage shows and performances. It was a more cost-efficient route that, among other circumstances, influenced the move," Goldie Locs said.

Although she is happy to be back home, Mandeville, with its quiet and laid-back nature, didn't match up to the great professional opportunities of Kingston. But Goldie Locs, whose given name is Quacia Skeen, has decided to be the change she wants to see by starting her own dance school. She has partnered with a good friend, Shanella Palmer, the director of Shan Performing Arts Centre, where she currently teaches. "We really want to change the atmosphere in Mandeville in the sense of entertainment and promoting the arts and culture, as it is an important part of developing the country and preserving our Jamaican culture."


Being an entrepreneur in the arts has been life changing for the 'locks goddess', because she has inspired many through movement, and has broken the stigma associated with the profession. "My end goal is to have a place where there is training for the arts for all ages and using the arts as a therapeutic means, dance therapy mainly, especially for those who have gone through abuse and those with low self-esteem; and a place where those with disabilities can come and learn how to dance," she said.

Goldie's brand branches out into dancing, choreography, Goldie Paws - her dog-breeding business - and teaching. Since COVID-19, dancing, for her, has not stopped. "I can't allow that to happen. I still feel motivated to create and to test my limits by learning other dance forms. As a member of Versatile Ones, I have to build on my versatility and find new creative ways to expand as a dancer. My creativity still flows and grows through my teaching in Mandeville and choreographing and planning personal video shoots and concepts for myself, as well as working with other creatives in the area," she said.

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