Little People, Big Heart: David Hibbert is New Haven's tiny giant

May 31, 2018
Despite his physical challenges, David Hibbert can do any job asked of him.
David Hibbert tends to one of his goats.

David Hibbert's captivating smile is enough to make anyone feel welcome

Although he is physically challenged from the waist down, his disability does not prevent him from living a normal life.

The four-foot-tall 'giant' is one of the most popular selectors in the New Haven community of Kingston 20.

"My mother raised six of us without a father, but she find a lot of time for me especially. For some reason, she never tell me what caused my condition, but I was raised as a normal child. I accept myself the way I am, and I believe in myself and live an extraordinary life," he said.

Inviting THE STAR team to his home, Hibbert abandons his wheelchair, pausing for a few seconds to listen to the cries of a child supposedly bitten by a dog.

He then glides on his arms and feet, skilfully making his way across a narrow, makeshift bridge that leads to his one-room dwelling.

"Me get tired to pay rent so me and me fren dem build this house from scratch, so me comfortable right here so," he said as he feeds his three rabbits that are nestled cosily in their hutch.

His goats came running towards him as he makes a whistling sound and directs them towards a lush section of his yard.

A father of three, Hibbert said there is no time to feel sorry for himself as his children partially depend on him for survival.

Being born different, Hibbert said he is not bothered by the sometimes lingering stares and bullying from others, but is more grateful for his accomplishments.

"A almost five years me inna a relationship and a nuff normal man no get no youth yet, but Jah bless me with three; but as the saying goes, many are called but few are chosen," he said. "You name it, I can do it. Today you will see me a run a little shop and tomorrow me a tile a house or a help build it. I get my strength from my madda."

Definitely a jack of all trades, the 37-year-old has dreams of becoming a Grammy-winning artiste and has released singles such as Sexy Suh and Pump It Up.

"Me have my part to play in life, enuh. The youth dem need a role model and someone to look up to. One a the best way to reach them is through music. Me is a poor man, but me nuh get up and beg. Resilience and being self-reliant is what it is all about," he said cheerfully.

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