My Confession: I hid under the bed while ‘matey’ had sex with her husband

June 14, 2019

STAR, I recently went through a dangerous but amusing situation. I can’t stop laughing.

I am married, but I have a girl on the side, who is also married. We would go everywhere together and have sex just about anywhere. People used to think we were married to each other because we both wear wedding rings.

Anyway, she started to take me to her house because her man would go on business trips regularly.

However, this time, he came back about two days earlier than planned. We were in the middle of sex when we heard him pulling up in the driveway. We both panicked, and she literally stuffed me under the bed. STAR, the woman move like Flash Gordon, the way she spray up fast and go back under the covers.

When the man walked in the room, mi hear the woman put on her sexiest voice and say she had been waiting for him to get home to have sex with her. Bwoy, the man fool fool cause I was wondering how him believe say she a wait when he wasn’t due home until days later.

The man jump on top of her and start ‘eat’ her like food. Mi almost laugh out loud cause mi know say mi was just in her bareback.

Let’s just say I spent the rest of the night listening to them have sex. One of the time, I had to masturbate. When he left for work the next day, I left. But I never return to the home or speak to her again. I can’t help but wonder if my wife ever do mi anything similar.

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