My Confession: My ex-girlfriend is dating a phone thief

September 13, 2019

STAR, some girls a real cruff, enuh. I was dating a girl for about two years, but it turned out that our relationship was a complete waste of time because she is now involved with a guy whom I have arrested on more than one occasion for stealing phones.

When I first met her, I felt sorry for her because she seemed so innocent, and when she told me how abusive her partner was, I opened my doors to her.

Mi and my squaddie them all go into her inner-city community with radio lights on to get her belongings, including a phone she said she got from her dad.

I remember her ex-man telling me when I was racing him up that I would soon be in his position, but I thought he was jealous, and I didn’t believe him.

To cut a long story short, it didn’t take long for me to realise sey she was a nobody. The girl nasty bad and used to stuff her dirty underwear all over the place because she didn’t want to wash them.

When she run out of clean ones to wear, she would just walk around without. Mi nah tell no lie, mi end up have to give her two box one day and fling her out.

STAR, less than a month after that, mi spot her a ride past mi avenue on the back of the tiefing bwoy bike. It turns out she was cheating on him with me the whole time, and he was the one who gave her the expensive phone and not her dad who was overseas. Caah believe that the girl could set up my life.

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