True Confession: Ex called out my name while hubby and I were having sex

November 01, 2019

Mi say STAR, mi and mi husband inna bare problem until him all a plan to sell our apartment because of one a mi chatty mouth ex-boyfriend.

So here is how it started. My husband and I were recently married, and we were in heaven when we saved up and bought our first apartment.

Mi feel rich like Beyoncé when mi tidy it up, and all this new independence get to we head and we decide say we were going to ‘christen’ the apartment by having sex.

So we drank some wine, opened the windows a bit and began to tear the place down. I am very loud during sex, especially if it is good, and while I was moaning in my loudest tone, mi just hear when a man voice say from the window, “ no. man! Unno take time!”

We burst out laughing and continued and within a few minutes, is the same voice come back a the window and say, “ no, man! I know that voice anywhere. But wait, Susan* a you that?”

He didn’t stop there STAR. He continued, “Your voice can’t hide anywhere and from day one you coulda ****, so me can just imagine what you husband a feel.”

Well, STAR, let’s just say that my husband got soft same time and my vagina got dry.

It was awkward as hell and mi husband say him not living in the same complex with my ex-man after that encounter, so we are now looking towards moving.

*Name changed

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