Odain Foster 'Refuses to Sink'

February 16, 2017
The Refuse to Sink caps come in all colours.
The Refuse to Sink logo
The caps are trendy, and match any style.

Having had to motivate himself through a tough childhood and rigorous athletic training, Odain Foster decided to help inspire others by sharing his mantra on clothing.

The 23-year-old Mico University College student lives by the mantra, 'Refuse to Sink'. It is also the name of his clothing line and is printed on the products.

Currently, the company produces a line of hats which are imported, then designed in Jamaica.

Foster is also working on venturing into crop tops, swimwear, T-shirts, jackets, and pants this year.

However, he said Refuse to Sink is more than just clothes, it is a movement. He and his team plan to include a charity which visits schools, churches and other groups to deliver motivational messages.

"Everybody needs a little strength and motivation every now and then," said Foster, who hails from Bamboo, St Ann.

He said he had to learn to think positive to get himself through all the obstacles he faces in life.

"I grew up with a single mother, no father around. It wasn't the worst, but it wasn't easy. Sometimes I had to go without meals," Foster told THE STAR.

Often, he would also miss out on exciting field trips and other adventures that require money, but he remained positive.

Foster graduated from Ferncourt High School, in St Ann and landed an athletic scholarship to attend sixth form at St Jago High School, in St Catherine.




From there, he landed another scholarship to Mico, where he is in the final year of his bachelor's degree in physical education.

He is also a 400m and 800m track athlete.

He shared that his training is often hectic, but he pushes on with the motivation from his mantra.

Refuse to Sink hats became available just three moths ago, and within that time, Foster said the demand has been high, having sold well over 200 hats, with more orders rolling in.

Apart from Jamaica, he said he also has customers in Canada and the United States.

The hats cost between $2,500 and $2,000, depending on the design, and can be ordered via Instagram @876_refusetosink. A website is also in the works.

Foster shared that he feels his goal to motivate is being accomplished as customers often share the various ways that the simple, yet powerful phrase has inspired them to push beyond their challenges.

"Customers have said to me that they wake up this morning and just seeing the hat across the bed motivates them to get up and go for their goals," Foster shared.

He added that he wants everyone with big dreams to understand that "impossible is nothing but a big word."

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