Check Up: Mosquito bites spoil her son's skin

November 08, 2017
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Dear Reader,

Natalie emails that her three-year-old son suffers with a bad rash after insect or mosquito bites. It is spoiling his skin. She asks Check Up how to prevent the rash.

There are two types of rashes which occur commonly in children after being bitten by insects.

One happens after they scratch the bites, which then become infected and look like multiple sores on the skin.

This is called impetigo and is treated with antibiotics topically or orally and antihistamines to prevent itching.

In the second condition, the child has an allergic and more generalised papular rash, which occurs about the site where the bite or bites occurred.

These tend to itch a lot and form a rash which might even resemble scabies infection. The treatment here is antihistamines taken orally and applied topically, or prescribed steroidal ointments.




Where the rash has become infected, a combination of ointments containing both steroids and antibiotics can be used, or antibiotics may need to also be used orally.

Here, prevention is better than cure! Please prevent the bad skin outcomes by preventing the insect bites.

Apply a mild insect repellent to the child's skin several times a day and have the child wear long-sleeved cotton tops and long loose pants after sunset. Cover the bed with insect netting for sleeping at nights.

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