Check-up: Woman obsessed with biting her nails

June 04, 2018

Jody is 30 years old and still bites her fingernails. She is now employed in a new job where things like this seem to matter. She has always had this bad habit, especially when she is feeling stressed. Wearing nail extensions just makes her feel crazy. Jody asks Check Up how can she stop wanting to bite her nails.

Well, some nail biting can be possibly genetic in some people. It also sometimes occurs when the person is bored, hungry or feeling insecure. To be sensible about nail biting, it's a really bad habit which can cause your nails to grow disfigured, break your teeth and even cause sickness, as fingers carry a lot of germs on them.

Some methods you can use to break the habit include: keep your nails very short; coat them with a bad taste; spend money on manicures at a nail salon; wear gloves during most of the day; chew gum to keep your mouth busy; note what triggers your nail biting and have an alternative to the nail biting; and decide not to bite the nails on one hand, or even just one nail for a week, and see how that goes. If successful with one fingernail then add the fingernail next to it and keep going as you try to break the bad habit.!

For some people there is a more serious emotional or psychological reason why they bite their nails, and this will require help from a psychologist.

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