Woman stabs cousin over dirty yard

October 14, 2017

Self-defence was the claim of an accused woman who was dragged before the court for using a knife to stab her younger cousin in his chest after he allegedly beat her with a board.

The court learnt that a dispute, which began with two women arguing over the sweeping of a yard, ended with young man being hospitalised for a stab wound close to his heart.

Charged with wounding is Pamela Baxter.

When the matter was called up in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, Baxter pleaded guilty with explanation.

However, after explaining to the court what allegedly transpired, Parish Judge Lester Crooks told the accused that self-defence is not a guilty plea in law, and the matter was referred to mediation.


Do laundry


Baxter told the court that on the day in question, she went to her grandmother's house to do laundry when the 18-year-old relative attacked her.

She said, "My granny dead leave a yard, and me go up there to wash. When mi reach mi see the place dirty and want to sweep up. Mi say to his sister if she can't sweep up the place, and she start to argue wid me, and mi argue wid her back."

The court heard that the teen got involved in the dispute and threw the accused's dirty laundry and bath pan on to the street.

Baxter said, "Your Honour, him tell him sister say don't argue with me, and then mi just see him tek up mi dirty clothes and throw everything inna di road. Mi ask him wah dat for and go tek up mi clothes. When mi bend down, mi only feel a lick inna my head and on my hand. Is a board him use. The only thing I could do is draw for the knife, and a it mi use stab him."

Parish judge Crooks subsequently set the matter for trial. However, citing that it was a family dispute, he then referred the matter to mediation.

A mention date was also set for January 18.

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