Man opens clothing store for the dead

December 15, 2017

Seven years ago Kavoy Richards decided to respond to the demands of the people in Port Antonio, Portland, and began selling clothes for the dead. Today his business is doing well and he looks forward to more years in this business.

Richards told THE WEEKEND STAR that his entrepreneurship  journey started with  House of Prestige Funeral Home, which has been operating for the past 10 years. Three years after it was open, he made a leap into retail clothing business for the dead.

“We operate a funeral home so we considered it because sometimes persons would come and ask for burial clothing, so, for that reason, we decided to have a separate place that sells clothing,” he said.

"We have dresses at various prices such as $8,500 or $9,500. They can also get a customise package where they get everything they require for the burial of the person such as the dress, bra, stockings, gloves, jackets, under pants etc.”

Richards told THE WEEKEND STAR that some of the clothing are imported form overseas and some are handmade in Jamaica. He added that the cut and the design of the dresses may differ depending on where they are coming from.

“The dresses that are made in Jamaica are specifically designed for the dead, but the ones that are from overseas are like normal dresses. They can be worn to church,” he said.

Richards said that in order for the corpse to be placed in the dress, the back is left open, or is cut. He said clothes for the dead are sold at a price comparable with the price of clothes for the living.


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