J'can women eager to try vibrating panties

February 13, 2018


Women who want to enjoy sexual stimulation in public without anyone knowing or just spice up their sex lives say they are desirous of owning vibrating panties.

Last September, Jasmine Brown, the store manager of Aura Viibe in Portmore, told THE STAR they stock the C-string vibrating panties for $9,500 and the Oh Mi Bod vibrating panties for $19,500.

"Some persons wear it to work. The call centre girls, who say that they have a stressful day, so they wear it and it has a remote control underwear so they gauge the speed to what they like. Likewise, males purchase it for their females because there is one that go to the beat of the music," she explained.

Controlled by a small remote, which can operate from anywhere up to 45 feet away, a number of women who spoke to THE STAR said that they would be willing to try the underwear, especially with Valentine's Day being tomorrow.

Meika said that she is eager to wear the underwear and has even enquired where it can be bought.

"Mi woulda wear it cause suppose mi man deh far, mi can wear it and feel nice. But if me and my man a have sex, mi wouldn't put it on," she said.




But Theresa Ellis, 42, also wants to try it out as she believes it would enhance the sexual experience she has with her partner.

"Mi will use it cause dat a turn on. Cause when yuh have sex wid di vibration, that means it a go mek yuh quint it more," she said.

However, Patricia Brown, 46, is of the view that the vibrating panties would be more effective when she is having sex with a new partner for the first time.

"Worse if yuh know say a nuh your man yuh put on dat," she told THE STAR.

Meanwhile, Camille, 34, said that she wouldn't buy it for herself. She said that it would make a great gift coming from her companion.

"If mi get it, mi will wear it, but mi nah buy it. But mi boyfriend will buy it fi mi cause me remember one time him buy mi a panty wid bare ball and marble inna di front part cause him like fi play wid di ball," she said.

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