Relatives want gangster captured

February 13, 2018


Relatives of one of St James' most wanted criminals, Ryan 'Ratty' Peterkin, say they are desperate for the security forces to bring an end to his illegal activities in order to return some level of dignity to the family's name.

The anxiety stems from an ongoing feud between the notorious gangster and his former top-level lieutenant, Delano Wilmot, which has left four of Peterkin's relatives dead.

"The Prekeh Gang that split from Ratty is now killing out his family," said a relative, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We are tired of this; we already lost four members of our family, and given the nature of gang activities there is no indication as to where they will strike next."

"Di security forces need fi hurry up and bring di whole a dem to justice; cousin or nuh cousin, they are criminals," the relative told the WESTERN STAR at the funeral for two of Ratty's cousins on Sunday in Anchovy.

According to the St James Police, Peterkin has been fingered in several criminal matters, ranging from shooting to murder.

"Ryan Peterkin is wanted in relation to two incidents of shooting, and he is a person of interest or a criminal suspect in relation to two other shootings and five cases of murder," Deputy Superintendent of Police Odean Dennis, crime officer for the St James Division, told the WESTERN STAR.

"I am of the belief that he is a very dangerous person because there have been incidents where the police have made attempts to apprehend him and he has fired at the police," he said.

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