More calls for Adams to become Commish

February 16, 2018
Reneto Adams

Yet another petition has been launched to make Reneto Adams Jamaica's next Commissioner of Police.

The latest effort is being done via the Jamaica House Petition.

Adams retired from the Jamaica Constabulary Force in 2012 at age 63. However, he has said he would accept the job of being Jamaica's chief crime fighter.

George Quallo retired from the job of commissioner last month after less than a year in the job.

Since the Jamaica House petition for Adams to be named commissioner was launched on February 1, only 100 persons have signed it.

The petition must get 15,000 signatures by March 12 before it can be reviewed by the Office of the Prime Minister.

If the minimum number of signatures are received, the Office of the Prime Minister will issue an official response.

A petition, 'Adams For Commissioner Of Police' was launched by Teddylee Gray last month on

The petition, made to the Police Service Commission, the body that picks the commissioner, has so far racked up 15,543 signatures. The target is 25,000.

In the meantime, a petition to have Robert Montague removed as national security minister appears to be dead in the water.

Since being launched on February 1, only 10 persons have supported it. Like the Adams petition, it must get 15,000 signatures by March 12 to trigger a review.

Jamaica closed 2017 with 1,616 murders, one of the highest homicide figures on record. Police statistics show that more than 180 persons were murdered up to February 10.




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