Ackee war! - Judge orders neighbours to attend mediation over stone-throwing incident

March 13, 2018
Ackee pods hang from a tree. Ackee exports hit their highet mark in 2016, according to Jampro.

A St James man who reportedly hit his next-door neighbour on the head with a stone is to attend mediation sessions with the complainant.

Leroy Williams, of a Norwood address, was given a restorative justice order by parish judge Sandria Wong-Small to attend mediation sessions in order to settle the dispute before the case's next mention on May 3.

The court was told that the complainant heard noises on her roof top, and when she went to investigate, she discovered Williams picking ackees on a section of a tree that crossed over on to her property.

An argument then ensued, and when the complainant turned to go back inside her house, Williams reportedly threw a stone which hit her on the head.

"Did you throw a stone at the lady?" judge Wong-Small asked Williams.

"She threw a stone at me first. She forced me into it," Williams replied.

The complainant claimed that Williams is always antagonising her.

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