'Ipswich trolley' keeps residents rolling

March 13, 2018
Ian Allen/Photographer Residents of the quiet community of Ipswich in St Elizabeth, show off their main means of transport to get around in the community, an old trolley. The residents say they use the device to transport a variety of items.

The popular Jamaican quote 'you afi tun yuh hand and mek fashion' fits the community of Ipswich in St Elizabeth.

Because of road and transportation woes, residents have invented their own 'trolley'.

During a recent visit to the community, THE STAR was shown how useful a mode of transportation the famous trolley was to the residents.

The out-of-commission train line that runs through the community does have some use, as they push the trolley along it.

One man said, "The trolley a di wickedest thing. A it we use. Coming from Maggotty railway station, the next station is Ipswich, so the trolley run in between."

Our news team searched for the trolley along the train line.

"How far the trolley deh down the line?" shouted a resident who had some bags to transport. The trolley even assisted mourners recently.

"In January, we did have a dead and a pan di trolley we carry it and the funeral follow down the train line. The hearse did afi come meet we back at a point dem; couldn't manage the road," a woman said.

"Dem rig it in a way weh dem carry the casket pan it. It can't drop off, it can't go forward, it can't go backward. The people dem skill bout ya," another man said.

Juliet Clarke told THE STAR that transportation can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 weekly.

She said, "We have it hard round here. I don't have it. If we have something fi put inna a car back, dem a charge we a lot for it. A coulda one phone."

Vivian Yap said: "Yuh see from a likkle hustling yah ... dem a charge yuh for it. A one car round ya. The road very bad and it a mash up the vehicle dem."

When THE STAR eventually found the trolley, it was loaded with lumber. But it needs some repairs.

A resident said, " A some bearings we want 'cause we nuh want the trolley stall, 'cause you see how it helpful. People business a go mash up and mek the place miserable."

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