Let there be light - Mavis Bank residents tired of darkness

April 16, 2018
Eubert Legore points to a light post on which a socket and bulb has been installed.
Light bulb and used to provide street light in Mavis Bank, St.Andrew.

Residents in the community of Mavis Bank are appealing for street lights to be installed in the area. They say that the two functioning lights cannot properly illuminate the space.

During a recent visit by THE STAR, some residents said they have had to be creative to walk at nights.

"From me born, a dem two street light deh alone have light inna the community. We need some light round here. When people inna darkness, it mek dem live dark. We want to live civilised," a resident told our news team.

The residents told THE STAR that access to potable water is also an issue. However, journeying to nearby rivers can substitute. But they insist that there is no alternative for absence of light.

"We thank the man dem weh mek some likkle light yuh see up on the post dem with the house bulb dem. It nah light up the place enuh, but at least a nuh total darkness," a female resident said.

Eubert Legore, who operates a small cookshop in the community, told our news team that it would mean a lot to the community to get some lights installed.

"I cook here long time now. We want light. Yuh see it how it stay. We need better light."

THE STAR was told that by certain times in the afternoon, nobody lingers and business operators close their doors.

"We fear for the children dem, so we just ensure that they are safe. We never had a regrettable incident, but prevention is better than cure," said another resident.

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