Melvin Jones keeping it sweet

April 17, 2018
Melvin Jones is busy juicing his sugar cane at his establishment in the Lewisville community of St. Elizabeth.


The Lewisville area in St. Elizabeth is home to many colourful and entertaining personalities, one of whom is Melvin Jones. Jones is a well-known sugar-cane farmer who sells sugar cane and freshly squeezed cane juice.

"I have been a farmer for years but the cane juice thing came about four years ago after realising that so much cane in Jamaica is wasting because people not getting the most out of it," said Jones.

"So with my machine, I can juice cane on the spot, and you can see how I prepare it by cleaning it, washing it, and juicing it.Then, I filter it and serve you," he added.

According to the farmer, this is the best way to consume sugar- cane juice because it contains no additives or preservatives that can cause illness.

"When you drink this, the digestive system can digest this much easier, and it keeps you away from the diabetes, arthritis, and all sort of sickness you see sugar giving you.

"No obesity. Everybody right now, from the baby to the granny, can consume cane juice, and you live comfortable and healthy," Jones explained.

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