'Oney' wipes windshields to support family

May 17, 2018
Richard Elliot, otherwise called 'Oney', says he lost him hand during a dispute two years ago.
Richard Elliot, otherwise called 'Oney', says he wipes windshields to care for his family.

Having lost his hand two years during a dispute which he claims didn't involve him, Richard Elliot, known to many as 'Oney', is still determined to care for his family.

Travelling through the Corporate Area from Rema to Three Miles almost every day to wipe windshields is the norm for Elliot, who said that he has to provide for his family by any means necessary.

"It far fi travel from Rema come out yah so, but mi haffi hunt fi food so me family can eat and get care," he said.

The father of five said that has made attempts to get a job since losing his hand, but was unsuccessful on each occasion.

"Dem nah give me nuh work because dem seh me hand can't manage the work weh dem have. But right now wid the construction weh a gwaan out yah (Three Miles), dem can do sup'm for wi," he said.




Elliot said that he would be willing to do anything he is given at this moment because the construction work being done is taking away his clients.

"Things out yah so frass, because mi not even a mek no money from morning. Dem a mash up everything. A nuff a wi out yah would love to work wid dem. Mi have one hand, but mi woulda shovel sup'm or even hold a flag," he said.

The Three Miles area has become a hub for men who are finding it hard to get a job, and according to Elliot, the intersection has become a place of refuge for him in his lowest moments.

"A yah so help wi nuff mek me can find food, so me glad for the little time I am here. We nuh waa rob nor teef, so right now mi will work anywhere so that mi can make some money fi mi family." he said.

"Wi nuh know wah a go gwaan. Wi haffi a watch and wait fi see if them a go give wi some work," he added.

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