Wife wants divorce after oral sex demand

June 12, 2018

Although May Brown* has been separated from her husband for 19 years, she desperately wants the world to know that they are no longer together although she hasn't officially started the divorce process.

Having endured years of physical and verbal abuse, Brown said she decided to walk away from the relationship when he tried to force her to give him a 'blowjob'.

"One night him come in and want to have sex and he wanted me to ... and he hold my two hands on the bed and bring up his private in my face," she told THE STAR.

She was so upset that she left the matrimonial home. With no relatives living close by, Brown said she was forced to stay with an elder community member.

Before that incident, she said her husband was very mean and would beat her non-stop.

"I remember one Christmas, I had to 'drape him' for money because I have the children dem and him lick mi dung. A him brother have to throw water on me for me to revive and him coming with big stick again to lick," she said.

Although she said she does not believe in infidelity, she said because he was a 'galiss' she became unfaithful.

"I started to cheat because he started to cheat on me, and then I get save," she explained.

When she became a Christian, Brown said she decided that she would change her life and even brought a woman who had a child for her husband to live with them.

"I tek dem, put dem round table and we all would have breakfast together," she said.

After a couple of years, Brown migrated to a small island but she said her

husband would call and beg her to come back.

"I go away and he called me like three times because my big daughter give him my number. I told him that I had gone back to my church, and him must give back him life to God. He said I waiting until you come and I said 'no, I am not coming back to you'," she said.

"What I doing with him? I left long time. I went through a lot of disadvantage,

I am not going back to him," she


Despite having seven children for her husband, Brown is adamant that she wants a divorce and intends to start the process next January, by which time she said she would be able to cover the legal cost.

*Name changed

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