Truck crashes into house, six-year-old girl killed

July 21, 2018
Residents try to salvage remains of a home that was destroyed by a runaway truck in Hermitage, St Andrew, yesterday.
A truck crashed into a house in Hermitage, St Andrew, killing a child.
The remains of a house that was destroyed by a truck yesterday.

A six-year-old girl yesterday after a truck fell on top the house she was sleeping in.

THE STAR gathered that the child and three other persons were asleep at home in Hermitage, St Andrew, when the truck fell on top of the house.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said that she was in her house when she heard the commotion and ran outside to see what happened.

"Mi just send me six-year-old out pan the road because he wanted to visit a friend. Mi just come out the bathroom when me hear 'boom', and me run out. When me come out, mi see the truck on the house and me start dig weh things, not even clothes me did have on. A somebody tell mi fi go put on clothes," the resident said.




Another resident added: "When me start tear down the zinc fi help them out, the truck was on top of the little girl. It was on top of her!"

The identity of the child was not known up to news time.

It is also said that one of the men, who was in the house, is believed to be suffering from prostate cancer.

"Him sick enuh, and people and his family help out when they can. The two girls are his godchildren. It is just sad that this happened," one person said.

When THE STAR tried to get an account of how the accident occurred, many persons were not sure what took place.

"From what me can see, it look like the truck hit the light post and the driver lose control of it and it end up in the house," one resident said.

The occupants of the house were taken to hospital, where the six-year-old was pronounced dead.

When THE STAR called the August Town Police Station, we were told that the investigation officer was at the hospital.

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