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August 14, 2018
A resident applies some whitewash to a curb in Jericho recently.

Projects ongoing in Denham town ZOSO

Several projects are currently in progress or scheduled for implementation in the Denham Town zone of special operations (ZOSO) in Kingston.

This is according to a Ministry Paper tabled recently in the House of Representatives by the prime minister.

To this end, the Zinc Fence Substitution and Integrated Infrastructure Project is targeting the replacement of more than 1,000 metres of zinc fence, of which 923 metres have been completed to date.

The paper also said 30 persons have benefited from part-time employment as both skilled and unskilled labour.

Regarding the Infrastructure Improvement Project, this will facilitate water, sewer system and road improvement throughout Denham Town, which will significantly improve the quality

of infrastructure in the community. Upon completion of the approval process, the project will be executed over a nine-month period.

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) will be conducting training exercises in Port Maria, St Mary, between Tuesday and Friday.

The army will also be conducting similar exercises in the Moneague Training Area, St Ann, between  Wednesday and Thursday.

The JDF is advising residents that there is no need to be alarmed by the presence of the soldiers as the training exercises in their community will not involve any live firing and therefore will pose no danger.

Residents are asked not to interfere with and/or move training aides. In the event that unexploded ordnances or paraphernalia are found, please report it to the JDF Headquarters at telephone number (876) 960-8776.

Members of the public who may have concerns about the presence of soldiers in their area may contact the JDF at telephone number (876) 960-8776.

PNP selects St Catherine caretakers

The People's National Party has installed the two caretakers to represent the party in St Catherine North East and South Western St Catherine.

Those introduced are attorney-at-Law Oswest Senior-Smith in North East St Catherine, while businessman Rudyard Mears, who was heavily defeated by the incumbent Everald Warmington in the South Western St Catherine in the last general election, will again be the party standard-bearer.

They were introduced on Sunday at meetings in Riversdale and Old Harbour respectively.

"I believe that [the] time [has] come for the PNP to take back North East St Catherine. I believe that with more work, Phyillis Mitchell should have won; this will now change with Oswest Senior-Smith," Phillips said.

Senior-Smith said that he was ready to lift the living standard of the constituency, which is being represented by the Jamaica Labour Party's Leslie Campbell.

"I have seen the plight of the residents; bad roads, lack of water, lack of employment, lack of training for the youth and a general drift from the community. I will be working to improve those basic conditions, and continue to work and build the constituency," Senior-Smith said.

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