Police Youth Club launched at May Pen Primary


October 10, 2018
Constable Leroy Chambers presents a certificate of membership to President of the May Pen Primary Police Youth Club Raymando Mclymont.
ACP Steve McGregor

Last Friday, the May Pen Community Safety and Security Branch (CSSB) officially launched a police youth club (PYC) at the May Pen Primary School on Sevens Road.

Principal of the school, Major Paul Scott, in sanctioning the need for the club in the school, said the institution's mandate is not just about having students academically sound, but also wholesome.

"When they leave school, they will have the basic mannerism, basic discipline, and I believe the police youth club would be perfect to accomplish that," he said, pointing out that sometimes the situations that have to be addressed with students when they get to high school involved issues that started from early.

The club, which was operating unofficially in the school for the past two years, received the seal of approval from the CSSB with the police pledging full support to the school.

Constable Leroy Chambers, who has oversight responsibility for the club at the school, told the CENTRAL STAR that if they can mould the minds of the youth into positive and industrious beings, then they will effectively live out the theme of the club, which is 'Empowering the youths of today for a better tomorrow'.

"It is important for us (members of the constabulary) to create meaningful relationships with the youths so that they will see us as role models and mentors rather than (as being) cruel and oppressive," added Chambers.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Steve McGregor, in lauding the programme in the school, said the parents of this generation are missing the boat big time, and having mentors to assist them is exactly what's needed.

"Most importantly, it is a police youth club and when we implement a PYC in schools, as we are doing, it is in an effort to interface with these youngsters so that we can influence their behaviour," he told the gathering of police personnel, students and teachers.

Hailing the benefits of the police youth club, McGregor related how it proved to be the stepping stone for him being in the force after a police officer visited his mother and encouraged her to allow him to join the police.

"And that was the beginning of a difference in my life that day, and you see what I have grown to become ... it is all about that that was the change, that paradigm shift in my destiny that day, and I am now the head of the CSSB arm of the JCF," he said, even as he assured that the youth club is an integral part of grooming youngsters.

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