Old woman's skeletal remains found in house

October 11, 2018
Dazerine Clarke
Dazerine Clarke's small board house in which her skeletal remains were found.

Following the discovery of the skeletal remains of an elderly woman at her home in the Chatham district, St James, on Monday, residents are upset that help did not arrive sooner.

The remains of former dressmaker Dazerine Clarke, 77, was found inside her small board dwelling where she lived alone.

The discovery was made by a female friend who visits the elderly woman every month to check up on her well-being because she had a major heart problem, and other life-threatening illnesses.

THE STAR understands that upon discovering the remains, the woman raised an alarm and got the attention of the residents as well as the Adelphi police.

During the investigation, the lawmen discovered that some of the bones, including Clarke's skull, were missing.

The skull and other missing bones were eventually found on Tuesday, following further checks of the area. Some of these bones were even said to be in the possession of dogs that kept her company.

Residents, however, were quick to criticise Clarke's family members, who they claimed had abandoned the ailing woman, who has lived alone in the small house since 2008.

They believed that Clarke did not deserve such an end.

"It is downright neglect from the family because none of her seven children come visit her despite knowing her condition, and even to say have someone looking after her," explained one John Seivwright, who was her caregiver for several years.

"She is a heart patient, and is from July 31 the daughter fi carry her to KPH (Kingston Public Hospital). A just today (Wednesday), she come after her mother done dead. We carry her (Clarke) go doctor from July 31 at Falmouth. A me take care of her. She have a whole family living in the neighbouring district, and not even water them would a come give her. She come a trust things at the shop, [and] a me have to pay for it," he added.

Seivwright noted that he was out of town for more than a week and only got back on the day when Clarke was discovered.

Other residents claim that they last saw Clarke close to two weeks ago, and she was barely able to walk.

"Nobody did a come visit her. Sometime I would see her down the road and she a bawl fi help because she walk with a stick and lean. Other times I give her money to buy something at the shop to cook. I feel bad," said one man, who gave his name as 'Sterling'.

THE STAR tried to get a response from family members, but they declined to give a comment.

The Adelphi police said that the matter is being investigated, but they do not suspect any foul play at this time.

A post-mortem is now pending to determine the cause of death.

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