RADA boss threatens to punish obeah workers

October 19, 2018

The CEO of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) is threatening to discipline obeah-working employees within the organisation.

Several persons have reportedly taken vacation leave, and others have applied to take a break from work at the entity's head office, Old Hope Road, St Andrew, following a string of paranormal activities.

"People nuh waah stay yah because a some long leave dem a apply for. Some a the people dem a complain say dem head a raise and dem have dizzy spell, and how the place stink a oil, and dem nose a bun dem. Tings no tan good dung here because a bare demon dem a invite in yah," a frustrated insider said yesterday.

When THE WEEKEND STAR contacted CEO Peter Thompson for a comment, he was very tight-lipped. "This is an internal matter and I do not wish for it to be exposed to the public," he said.




Thompson also refused to say why a notice which threatens to punish persons who are practising witchcraft within the organisation has been placed at the office.

"The practice of any form of rituals and/or witchcraft causing distraction in the organisation is strictly prohibited and subject to serious disciplinary action. Person(s) involved are being asked to desist from such actions," the notice read.

Obeah is illegal under an old 1898 law. The law, for instance, says that any person who consults any person practising obeah, or any person reputed to be a person practising obeah, or any person pretending to possess supernatural powers, and agrees to reward the person so consulted, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $100 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 12 months.

Well-placed personnel within the Agriculture Ministry say the presence of 'obeah' in the organisation is rife.




One source said that an employee decided to seek the assistance of some 'prayer warriors' to 'cleanse' the offices last week.

"We come a work an when we reach in, a bare bottles of olive oil surround the office dem. Then we hear say some wrap head people was there a pray and a do all type a hocus pocus before. Is a staff dem say invite them there," the source said.

The source further stated that shortly after the olive oil was seen in the offices, the CEO decided to issue a notice to cease and desist, but this only angered the employees even more who said the sign is even more eerie.

"People out there need to know what a gwaan. Can you imagine how the staff frighten when dem see di olive oil dem? Right now people a come a head office and nuh wa come inside. The sign need to take down cuz it a creep out people more," the source said.

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