Sick woman opens online pet store

October 19, 2018
With many illnesses, Sophraya Price spends a lot of time in the hospital.
Despite being ill, Sophraya Price is full of life.

Although she is seriously ill to the point where she spends most of her days in bed, Sophraya Price still manages to bank on her entrepreneurial skills.

The animal lover, who recently launched her online business called Laiso Pet Store and More, said that her spirit lights up whenever she sees a pet being placed in a comfortable household.

"I have loved animals since I was a child. Growing up, I had lots of cats and dogs, rabbits and hamsters, and even now, although I have ventured into this business, I am really careful and selective when choosing their new owners. I want to know that they are going into suitable homes and so forth," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Price said that she hopes to operate her business from an office space, but she is unable to do so because of her illness. These days, the 22-year-old has very little energy, which, she says, might be side effect of taking more than 30 pills per day.

THE STAR first carried the story of the former Northern Caribbean University student who had mysteriously fallen sick weeks after she started attending classes at the institution in 2016. In addition to being extremely ill and partially paralysed, Price has faced severe cyberbullying and is victim to unwanted stares whenever she is out in public.

Although she has been seen by numerous doctors in Jamaica and Cuba, Price is yet to get a full diagnosis. What is for certain, though, are the multiple massive epilepsy episodes, excruciating pain, autoimmune disorders, and other neurological conditions.




Price's mother, Sophia Evans, has been her main caregiver since she got ill. Evans said that although her daughter's condition is getting worse, the family will continue to fight until her "baby" returns to her normal self.

"About two months ago, she started having mini seizures during mini therapy, and we went to see a neurologist and ophthalmologist, and she was diagnosed with a new condition called optic neuritis. Earlier in the year, we did some bone-density tests and learned that she now has osteoporosis and arthritis, which are all side effects from the medication and steroids that she has been taking," she said.

Price's condition is yet to be determined. She was supposed to undergo further medical examination in Cuba, but Evans said they were unable to do so.

"We should have went in February, but we didn't get a chance. We tried doing some fundraisers, but when we did get a little money, we had to use it and fill prescriptions. But we would hope to go back and see what can be done. Her vision is now badly affected, and she feels a lot of pain whenever anyone touches her," she said.

Persons wishing to contribute to the Sophraya Medical Fund may do so via her GoFundMe account.

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