Judge calls scammers 'little fishes'

November 27, 2018
United States law enforcement officials escort an alleged lottery scammer after was ordered extradited to face trial.

Thirteen lottery scammers, who pleaded guilty in the Hanover Circuit Court, were collectively fined $2 million last week.

The convicted men, except for one who was sent to prison for six months at hard labour, were treated leniently on account of their guilty pleas. However, in addition to the fines, they were given suspended sentences and urged to cut ties with the illicit get-rich-quick scheme.

"Lottery scamming can land you in prison for a long time," warned High Court judge, justice Martin Gayle.

"You are all little fishes, just little sprats, only you small fishes are being caught. The big fishes are not being caught and dragged before the court," he said.

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