Alleged goat thieves have bail extended

December 11, 2018

Two St James men who were currently before the St James Parish Court on charges of unlawful possession of property, have now been charged with larceny of goats, when they appeared in Court last Thursday.

The two accused, 44-year-old Delroy Brown of Albion, in Montego Bay, and 67-year-old Errol Campbell of a Glendevon address, had their bail extended until January 3, 2019.

Reports coming out of the court are that on Friday, October 19, a team of police officers were on patrol along the Salt Spring main road, when they signalled driver of a motor vehicle to stop.




The driver complied and following an observation, it was revealed that Campbell and Brown, who were the sole occupants of the vehicle, were transporting two goats in the trunk of the car.

Both men were unable to explain how they came in possession of the animals. They were subsequently taken into custody and charged with unlawful possession of property.

The prosecution also revealed that investigators have been unable to locate goats' owners, hence the new charges.

Campbell pleaded not guilty to the new charges, while Brown pleaded guilty.


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