Man shot from bike in Denham Town

January 08, 2019
Ricardo Makyn Members of the security forces in a section of Denham Town, West Kingston, where a curfew has been imposed.

A Water Lane, Kingston, resident was shot from a motorcycle after he and colleague ventured into a section of Denham Town on Monday night.

The man, Adam Clarke, 26, otherwise called Bigga, of Water Lane, was shot and killed on Bread Land about 9:20 p.m.

Police have since imposed a curfew in the Kingston Western Division. The curfew began at 6 a.m. on Tuesday and will remain in effect until 6 a.m. on Friday. 

The Denham Town area has been saturated with police and soldiers since October 2017 when it was declared a Zone of Special Operation. A State of Emergency, which was declared for sections of the corporate area, to include Denham Town, ended on Monday.

Denham Town residents told THE STAR that despite the presence, gunshots are still being fired in the area and people are throwing bottles and using knives to settle their differences.

Meanwhile, the imposition of the curfew in the Kingston Western Division is the third such enhanced security measure that has been imposed in the corporate area since the start of the year.  Curfews have been imposed in a section of the St. Andrew South division as well as in August Town.

Police statistics indicate that 1,287 murders were recorded in Jamaica in 2018. It represents a 22 per cent decrease from the 1,647 recorded in 2017. The parishes of Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine recorded 639 murders in 2018.



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