'I thank all the world' ... Lisa Grant grateful as GoFundMe campaign surpasses expectations

January 31, 2019

Lisa Grant is filled with gratitude after her GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for a crucial eye surgery surpassed the target within 24 hours of being launched.

"I'm feeling very, very good, and very happy. I thank all the world, the people dem weh do dis for me. I thank dem so much. I can't even talk,"  Grant said.

The 46-year-old set about raising US$10,000  (approximately J$1,347,051) to do surgery on her eye. Persons responded positively, and within a day she has raised more than US$12,300 (more than J$1.6 million).

Shara Diedrick, Grant's daughter, said she is surprised at how quickly the target was met. Like her mother, she too is grateful.

"I'm surprised a lot, didn't know it would reach this far so quick. But as I say, we just thankful to the people dem," Diedrick said.

"I feel great, and I thank God for all the people dem that help her. I thank everyone for the help very much, because we couldn't help her," she added.

The campaign was launched on  January 29 by Natasha Maitland on Grant's behalf.  Grant is seeking the best medical advice and intends to use the funds for her eye surgery.


In addition to pledging money, persons have been expressing kind words to Grant.

"Good luck and God bless. I can’t imagine the pain and had to do my part regardless of the goal being reached already," Alix Burton, one of the donors said.

Grant said when she was 17 years old, she got up one morning with an itchy eye. Some time after, the eye began to bulge, but she was not sure what was happening. Within a few years she had to do surgery for her eye to be reduced to its normal size.

Grant, whose right eye is protruding from the socket, said that persons constantly mock her about her situation.

"I can't take the pain no more. Sometimes I feel like I am going to die. Sometimes mi bawl till mi nuh know miself. Mi beg God fi just tek mi. I feel tormented. People mock me, they trouble me. It is too much. Even last night (Tuesday night), mi and daughter go somewhere, and some children a seh: 'Look at the big eye woman.' I feel embarrassed. Mi feel bad and is never so mi stay," she said, crying.

Gayle Green-Williams, a GoFundMe donor, said she has been touched by Grant's story.

"It was hard for me to click on the picture and see her condition, so I can only imagine her having to go out on the street like that. Like she said, people made fun of her. She needs to live in peace and be happy. We all deserve that," Green-Williams said.

Another donor, Amanda Mayo, commended Grant on her strength.

"I’m happy you had the courage to ask for help and even more happy to see everyone support you. All will be well. Peace," Mayo said.

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