Community shocked ‘stolen baby’ lived among them

February 11, 2019

Residents of a rural St Catherine community say they are shocked and depressed that a member of their small, close-knit area has been in the news for child stealing.

The woman was taken into custody by the Central Village police last Tuesday after she turned up at the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) to register a child.

Subsequent DNA tests proved the child was the one snatched from the Victoria Jubilee Hospital on January 9. She remains in police custody.

One resident told THE STAR: “She was pregnant so it was not surprising to see her with a baby up here. I can’t believe that it was the stolen baby.”

Miscarriages in the past

“We shock cause a di Monday we see her pass on the road with the child. I saw her and say congrats, because everyone thought she couldn’t have one and now she have one. Is a sad thing and a bad thing that she did,” another resident said.

Some residents said this was unexpected because the woman is known to be a quiet person. According to several residents, the woman has had miscarriages in the past.

Some residents believe that the woman was clever to deceive her spouse.

Another male resident said: “Den nuh must cause she draw him right in. The first thing me say when mi see the baby is that she give him a jacket, cause the baby black, black, and him brown. Something ina mi spirit tell me but me say no sah. All now the whole thing shocking to me.”

One resident told our news team that she was shocked because persons actually asked the woman about the stolen baby.

“Dem ask her if she nuh hear bout the baby weh dem thief and she say thank God anuh hers, and she glad she bring home her baby cause di whole time she nuh tek her eye off her own”, the resident told THE STAR.

But others told our news team that certain red flags were raised during the month the child was in the community.

“She wasn’t breastfeeding and we found it strange a bottle di baby a get cause she tell some people she wasn’t feeling well,” another resident said.

“She was taking care of the baby, cause when me see her she a deal with the baby properly. It just really sad,” another resident said.

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