Community Focus: Crime fear cripples Logwood - Residents say sporting infrastructure going to waste

February 19, 2019
Joyce Smith, president, Logwood Community Development Committee, points to the community centre which she says is being vandalised.
Logwood community football field.

The Logwood Community Development Committee in western Hanover is bemoaning the fact that valued community assets are being abandoned and vandalized as a direct result of ongoing gun violence and other crimes in the area.

Joyce Smith, president of the Logwood Community Development Committee, said the football field, the community centre and its multipurpose hard-court facilities are now abandoned, and for the most part are being vandalised.

“Because of all of the shootings and the things that happening in here, the ball ground lay waste, the community is being vandalised, nothing is happening in this community,” Smith told theWESTERN STAR.

“I am looking at the generation coming up, and if it continues like this, they will have no way of socialising with each other. And I think that this might turn them into something else,” she said.

The Hanover police have imposed restrictions on gathering in some communities which have been rocked by violence. Logwood is one such community. Superintendent Sharon Beeput, the commanding officer for Hanover, said, “the police has taken the decision to refuse to grant permission for all events that attract large crowds in the Green Island police area, which includes the community of Logwood, where there have been several incidents of shootings.”

In addition to hosting sporting activities, the community centre is used for various entertainment events, such as dance and parties. The refusal to grant permits means the facility is now underutilised. In addition, sporting activities such as corner league football matches, that take place in the evenings, can no longer be held.

Deloris Dias, a farmer, said the curtailing of social events is bound to have a negative impact on the community. Dias said the community needs to come together and fend off crime and its perpetrators so that socialisation through sports and other meaningful community activities can return.

“We don’t have any development here. When we watch the sports news at nights or read the papers, there is nothing in there about our community because our community football field, netball and basketball courts are abandoned because of the crime,” Dias bemoaned.

“You see and hear of other communities, but nothing for Logwood! Look at our playfield, nothing is happening there, we not hearing about anything for our district,” the elderly farmer said.

“The young people them need employment, mi mean real employment, because idle hands breed crime and a lot of the young men and women here don’t have anything to do other than to ride bike, some offering their services as bike taxi operator” he added.


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