Motorcyclists account for 30 per cent of road deaths

April 08, 2019

Some 30 per cent of road users killed in road crashes since the start of the year were motorcyclists. 

Statistics from the Road Safety Unit reveal that 35 motorcyclists have died in traffic crashes. In 2018, the unit recorded a total of 19 motorcyclists’ deaths when compared to similar period this year.

Since the start of the year, 116 persons have been killed from 106 fatal crashes. 

The Ministry of Health has said that the annual medical cost resulting from road crashes is $1.8 billion, with the average cost of injury calculated at more than $113,000 per person.

Meanwhile, given the high number of motorcyclists who have been victims of roads crashes, the Road Safety Unit is urging them to wear their helmets and other protective devices to protect against major injuries and possible fatalities in the event of a crash.

The Unit said motorcyclists should wear the approved helmets to prevent injury and or death. Pillion passengers are encouraged to also wear helmets, while being transported on the motorcycles.

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