AMID CRIPPLING DROUGHT ... National Water Commission imposes restrictions

May 21, 2019

Persons who water their gardens, lawns, grounds and farms, or wash vehicles using a hose, are now liable for prosecution following the imposition of a Prohibition Order.

But the fine for the breach of the law is a paltry $1,000 under the National Water Commission (Water Supply Services) (Rates and Charges) Regulations, 1985.

The Prohibition Order takes legal effect from Friday May 24, and is specific to the use of water supplied by the National Water Commission (NWC) in drought affected areas.  

Among other things, persons are not allowed to refill tanks, ponds, or swimming pools. It will also become unlawful for persons to water or wash roadways, pavements, paths and garages, or to use an excessive quantity of water.

Persons who break the law may be prosecuted. If convicted, they are liable to a fine imposed by the parish courts or imprisonment for up to 30 days if they fail to pay the fine.

The NWC said it has taken the measure in light of the prevailing drought conditions affecting sections of the island.

The NWC states that more stringent water conservation measures must now be observed and the limited potable water that is available must be reserved for essential uses such as drinking, cooking, washing, bathing and sanitation.



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