A bathroom for Miss Eda

May 24, 2019
Workmen construct the bathroom to Miss Eda’s home.
Workmen construct the bathroom to Miss Eda’s home.
Miss Eda (left) and Kaydean Senior
Miss Eda (left) and Kaydean Senior

When Kaydean Senior visited the community of Greenfield, St Elizabeth, last year and saw the deplorable conditions that 100-year-old Eda Lindo was living in, she knew she had to do something. Among other things, she didn't have a bathroom.

"Her son said to me they were living in a one-bedroom, and at nights, they (he and his brother) have to push her out in a wheelchair and carry her to the bush for her to relieve herself," she said.

Senior, who's a practical nurse, said she reached out to Floyd Green, the member of parliament for the constituency, and other stakeholders to get the material to build a bathroom for Lindo.

And on Labour Day, the community pitched in to build the much-needed facility.

"We have the tradesmen and the labourers from the community who are working on it and also the ladies who decide that they would sponsor lunch. It's a community effort," she said.

Senior said she knew Lindo when she would visit Treasure Beach to buy fish. She expressed joy at helping Lindo.

"I was always passionate about doing things for the elderly. So it is a joy for me, and I wish other donors can see things like this and come and help and do other things because you have a lot of elderly people who really need help," she said.

Lindo, who is visually impaired and barely mobile, said she was overjoyed.

"I don't know weh fi seh. I neva know seh I going to get a bathroom. I'm very happy, I don't know how Kaydean go through so much road fi help. I'm so glad and happy," she said.

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