Penis enlargers don’t work - Local doctor rubbishes claims

July 12, 2019

Medical doctor Garth Rattray is refuting claims that there are products that can cause a penis to increase in size.

"Contrary to what everybody thinks, there are no drugs or devices to enhance the penis. There are no devices you can buy, inject, drink, swallow or apply, that can enlarge a male organ. When you reach maturity, that's that, it's set," he said. "If the person has six inches, they can't get it to seven or eight using anything."

Dr Rattray was responding to questions from THE WEEKEND STAR after a man, Ray, said that he has been helping men to add a few inches to their organs for 20 years.

He said he sells penis enlargement pills and capsules that are "all-natural".

Ray said that men usually come to him in desperation and are generally doubtful at first. But he said that the testimonies he's received over the years are proof that his products work.

"Persons can increase an inch to an inch and a half over four months of consistent use. I had one customer who was using our natural products for three years. He used them exactly like I told him, and he told me that he has grown so much, his wife cannot manage him," he said.

Ray said he normally recommends customers take the product once per week, and purchase a month's supply, which cost $5,000, with a $500 delivery cost. He said he sells to all age groups "from 18 to 80".

"Most men are not performing at their highest level. The average man sits around his computer ... his body will never perform above 70 per cent," he said. "What these products do is override ... stress, poor sleeping habits, inadequate water, inadequate exercise, and fuel the man's body as if he's a Bolt or an Asafa."

But Rattray said that what these products may do is give an enhanced erection, and warned against their usage.

"First of all, they should not be used by people who are taking certain heart medication, or people who are going to drink alcohol at all, or people who are drinking energy drinks, because those things can be fatal. It (some products) can also cause a sustained erection, going on too long. And if it stays too long, it probably won't come up again, because certain things in the penis are damaged," he said.

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