In-law shot in mouth - Family offers US$500 reward

August 16, 2019

A man who allegedly shot a family member in her mouth with an illegal firearm is being sought by the police.

Reports from the Mount Salem police are that on August 3, Duane Rookwood, 22, otherwise known as Troy, entered the house, located in St James, which he shares with other family members, with an illegal weapon. He was reportedly handling the weapon when it went off, hitting his in-law in the mouth. The bullet travelled through her jaw, down to her shoulders, and exited through her hand.

"The guy that shot my daughter, his mother is married to my brother and they occupy the same house," the victim's father told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Mi daughter told him to get out of the house with the gun and he pointed it in her face and she move the gun and seh 'Tek the gun out mi face man' and he put the gun back in her face and squeeze the trigger," he said.

"It lick pan top of the top lip and bounce to the side of her jaw and break her jaw and lick her in her shoulder. ... The doctors saying her tongue is messed up and her mouth is messed up," the father said.

The 30-year-old victim has since been released from hospital. Struggling to speak, she told THE WEEKEND STAR that her back-to-school plans have been altered because the money she was saving to buy books for her children, may have to be used to fix her broken jaw.

"My jaw is broken in two places so right now my mouth has something like braces to tighten the jaw together so that my teeth are together," she said.

"I have my kids going to school and I have the two book lists right now and none of the books are bought. I recently buried my mother and I was starting over by working and putting our lives together. My family would help me sometimes, but me stopping from work is affecting me and my children," she continued.

Her father is offering a US$500 or approximately J$67,000 reward to anyone who turns over the man who allegedly shot her to the police.

"We want to pay that money to anybody who will help us find the perpetrator who shot my daughter because I need justice. We were just putting out an offer to anyone who sees the person to call the nearest police station and anyone who does that will get the reward," he said.

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