Ann-Marie Vaz loses US visa... Joins husband, Daryl, as being unable to travel to the USA

December 11, 2019
Daryl Vaz (left) and his wife, Ann-Marie Vaz, are both unable to travel to the United States as they do not have visas.

The United States Embassy has revoked the diplomatic visa that it issued to East Portland Member of Parliament Ann-Marie Vaz, and has also turned down her request a visitors' visa.

The development comes one month after her husband, Daryl Vaz, was stripped of his US visa.

Vaz, who is minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, is the member of parliament for West Portland, which borders his wife's constituency.

In a statement today, Daryl Vaz said that "as a result of the revocation of my US diplomatic visa, the diplomatic visa issued to Ann-Marie Vaz, which she would have qualified for as my wife, has been subsequently withdrawn". 

He said that her visitor’s visa had expired and her application for renewal was turned down when she visited the US Embassy in Kingston last week.

Ann-Marie Vaz is said to be in the process of pursuing this matter with the US Embassy in Kingston.  However, there is no word on the status of Daryl Vaz' appeal to be granted a visa. He had said that he is prepared to resign from the Cabinet if the visa is not reinstated.

Daryl Vaz lost his visa about the same time as Phillip Paulwell, the opposition spokesman on energy.

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