Pervert! - Students accuse staff member of making sexual advances

December 11, 2019

Eight grade seven students from a Corporate Area high school are now undergoing counselling after reporting that a staff member made sexual advances at them.

THE STAR learnt that the incidents started in October, however, the principal was made aware of the ordeal last Friday when the girls told their form teacher.

When the news team visited the school yesterday, the principal said that he could not divulge much information as the matter is under investigation.

"We are not leaving any stone unturned because we have a duty to the students first. The board is aware of all the things that had taken place and I assured the parents that the matter would be dealt with expeditiously," he said.

One girl's father said that all the parents of the affected students met with school officials on Monday. He said that they were shown letters allegedly written by the man to each student.

"The man asked my daughter if she is a virgin, if she use 'rubbers'. If she like big boys, if she like bus with music. Him ask her what month she born and she seh December, and him a go tell her that December people love money and if him give her money, if she would 'fix him up', meaning have sex with him," he said.

He said that his daughter is not handling the situation well because some teachers are insisting that the girls are fabricating their story.

"She said the teacher a seh dem a set them up and mi a seh why would they do that? That don't make any sense because they even saw him and they were scared of him," he said.

Another parent told the news team that the man in question asked to see her daughter's private parts.

"She told me that when him tell her her uniform waan fix, she turned and fixed it and then him tell her to fix fi har side weh turn to him so him can look underneath her," the father said.

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