Another Vaz loses visa

December 12, 2019
Ann-Marie Vaz
Ann-Marie Vaz

East Portland Member of Parliament Ann-Marie Vaz has had her US diplomatic visa revoked.

This was confirmed yesterday by her husband, Government Minister Daryl Vaz, who, in a statement, said that the visa she possessed was withdrawn by the embassy.

"As it relates to her visitor's visa, which had expired, an application for renewal was recently made, and on Thursday December 5, 2019, when she visited the US embassy in Kingston for her appointment, the visa renewal was declined," the statement read. "Mrs Vaz is presently in the process of pursuing this matter with the US Embassy in Kingston."

Diplomatic visa

Mrs Vaz qualified for a US diplomatic visa as the wife of a Government minister.

But, with her husband's visa being revoked, her visa was subsequently withdrawn.

Last month, Mr Vaz disclosed that his US diplomatic visa had been revoked, with the US Embassy in Kingston advising that subsequent to the issuance of the visa, it had received information that he "may be ineligible".

Mrs Vaz was not in a talking mood when THE STAR contacted her for a comment yesterday, but said the statement from her husband was enough.

"I think the statement that was sent out was very clear and I have no further comment because the statement was clear ... thank you," she said.

In addition to the political couple, campaign director for the People's National Party (PNP), Phillip Paulwell visa was also cancelled.

National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang had also stated that several members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force had their US visas revoked.

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