Mother desperate to find teen daughter

December 31, 2020
Tyesha Bryan
Tyesha Bryan

Fifty-two year old Carlene Sterling was looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holidays with her daughter as they have done for years.

This, however, was not possible as her daughter, 14-year-old Tyesha 'Avesha' Bryan, went missing last Wednesday.

"All now me nuh know what a Christmas dinner look like. All the Christmas that's happening, me not feeling it because I don't know where my child is," Sterling told THE STAR. "It's eight days now I don't sleep and a just water me a live by. I can't eat nothing. All the food in the fridge, even hers, me throw it away yesterday."

According to Sterling, Tyesha left her shop about 7 p.m. on Barnett Street in Montego Bay, to buy a phonecard at a nearby gas station. She hasn't seen or heard from her since.

"Me a wait and a so now me start call her and nothing. Tyesha never do that yet I can send her go anywhere and she come right back to me so I don't know what could happen to my child," she said. "I walk out the entire Montego Bay to find my daughter and all now I don't see her and her phone just a ring and go to voice mail."

Led her to Norwood

Sterling had someone track the Knockalva High student's phone a few days after she went missing. This led her to Norwood.

"We drive go over there. We were all over and we still couldn't find nothing," she told THE STAR. "It look like them find out say we a track her so them take away her phone or something."

Tyesha is of brown complexion, 5 feet 2 inches, and was last seen wearing a yellow suit.

The distraught mother says she keeps looking out from their Retirement, Montego Bay, home, hoping that Tyesha will return.

"Me sick with me heart and me have high blood pressure and to tell you the truth me feel like I'm going to end up in hospital to how me a take this hard. Me just want me child come back home to me. It is nothing easy to not know if she eat, sleep or just what is happening to her," Sterling said.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Tyesha Bryan can call the nearest police station, the police's 119 emergency number or her mother Carlene Sterling at (876) 531-9557.

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