LA Lewis threatens to charge new Maroon chief - Entertainer claims he helped his campaign

February 23, 2021
LA Lewis
LA Lewis

LA Lewis said he is giving Accompong's new chief Richard Currie three weeks to give a report of his financial earnings to the Nyan Ko Pong Government in which Lewis sits as high priest.

"We the Nyan Ko Pong Maroon government is commanding that he does so or he will be charged for treason. If he doesn't do that 21 days after this publication then Jamaica will see what will happen to him and will see my powers. We need to know what he is doing with the money that he is collecting for us the Maroons. This likkle curry goat boy is ungrateful and as the saying goes 'sorry fi mawga dawg, dem turn round bite yuh'," LA Lewis said.

Currie, the newly appointed Accompong chief, took to social media to state that LA Lewis is neither a government official of Accompong nor is he recognised by their records as a citizen of the Maroon village. LA Lewis, however, called Currie ungrateful, saying that he was instrumental in Currie's victory.

"I was the one who encouraged other Maroons to vote for him. I also campaign in person for him because mi have a very large following. Mi all spend money to boost the campaign so the Maroon dem can have them likkle rum and ting cuz 'Currie Goat' bruk like dawg ... ano lie me a tell," he said.

Address the issues

"If him did have the Maroon people interest at heart, him wouldn't be interfering or making post about me. Him would be addressing the real issues of the Maroons. Him need to address the issues with the Cockpit County and the water problem in Accompong," he added.

Since taking up his chiefly position, Currie has had women drooling with some even crowning him as a sex symbol, but Lewis said he is far from impressed.

"Mi don't know if him a sex symbol because I don't watch man. Girls call mi sex symbol all the time. Them always a tell mi how mi neat and mi pants tight and ting. As it even relates to fashion, Currie goat couldn't even test me inna dat. A long time the girls dem a call mi sex symbol and the world know that," LA Lewis said.

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