Wife’s ‘proposal’ to husband was birthday surprise

May 25, 2022
Christopher and Oceen Campbell-Gray on their wedding day.
Christopher and Oceen Campbell-Gray on their wedding day.
Campbell-Gray explains that what looked like a proposal was actually a birthday surprise for her husband.
Campbell-Gray explains that what looked like a proposal was actually a birthday surprise for her husband.

Oceen Campbell-Gray made waves online last weekend as a video surfaced of her on bended knee, seemingly proposing to her beau Christopher.

However, she told THE STAR that this was not a proposal as the two had already said their 'I dos' last November. Instead, she was just presenting him with a birthday present in a way that conveyed the love she has for him.

"He's not a big birthday fan so I pushed, pushed, pushed until he accepted and said 'yes, we going out to dinner' and invited a few friends. I wanted to do something special because it's a milestone birthday and like I said he doesn't really do birthdays. I've been meaning to update his ring for him so when I got it, I just thought it would be so boring just to give it to him and I wanted him to feel how I felt when he actually proposed to me." she said.

She continued: "I felt like he deserved it. He deserves to feel special, he's always making me feel special. He deserved to feel special on his day. For me, it was just the birthday, the dinner and a small gift. I wanted him to feel above and beyond. I did not know it would have gone so 'cause I am not a social media person, I really don't post a lot. So I did not expect it to gain the traction that it did." After luring him to the restaurant under semi-false pretences, Campbell-Gray confessed that she was convinced that he would reject this post-wedding proposal.

"He's one of those persons. I thought he would have said no because everybody was around so I was not expecting that reaction," she said.

In the now famous video, Christopher can be seen excitedly extending his hand to receive his new bling as soon as he caught wind of her intentions, no 'macho behaviour' in sight. Campbell-Gray said that when they met, love was the farthest thing from their minds.

"We met actually at work in 2019. We were co-workers at Courts and it's not your typical love story, boy meets girl, girl fall in love, boy fall in love, no. We actually did not see eye to eye," she said with a laugh. "We started off disliking each other because he's a very opinionated person and I am a very opinionated person as well, so we didn't click at first. But eventually we got to know each other and then we moved forward from there."

Regardless of their initial turmoil, Campbell-Gray says his personality is the thing that made her fall for him.

"His personality! At first glance he'll look the macho type of person who wouldn't be laughing, joking or playing with you but when you peel off that shell he's a very sensitive person. He's a very playful person, as you can see from his reaction in the video. He's a very jovial person and that's what pulled me towards him."

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