Hairdresser caught travelling in stolen car

February 03, 2023

A 22-year-old hairdresser will have to spend another weekend in custody, as a senior parish judge ruled on Thursday that her co-defendants must appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court to answer to a charge of larceny.

Kayene Calvert has been detained for the past three weeks, after she was found aboard a vehicle that was reportedly stolen. The allegations are that the complainant rented their vehicle in Kingston for a specific time period, but it was not returned at the agreed time. Investigators theorise that the vehicle was located in Westmoreland with Calvert and two men aboard.

Calvert, who is a resident of Negril, said she was offered a ride by the men and asked them to take her to the dry cleaners. As she attempted to enter the vehicle after completing her business at the dry cleaners, a team of police officers arrested the three of them.

But Senior Parish Judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque was not comfortable hearing the matter with only Calvert before the court. "I need the other defendants here," the judge indicated.

She then made an order for the three accused to appear in court on February 9 to answer to the charge of larceny of a motor vehicle. The judge also ordered that the investigating officer appear in court.

Calvert was made the subject of a fingerprint and was remanded in custody.

- T.T.

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