Prankster beaten after joke goes wrong

February 03, 2023
YouTube prankster Kymani ‘iheart_Mani’ White said that despite being injured during his latest stunt, he will not stop doing pranks.
YouTube prankster Kymani ‘iheart_Mani’ White said that despite being injured during his latest stunt, he will not stop doing pranks.

Although suffering bruises and injuring his ankle after one of his pranks went wrong, popular YouTuber Kymani 'iheart_Mani' White said that he will not stop doing them.

White was slapped in the face, and kicked and stomped by up-and-coming dancehall artiste Chad Hype in Half-Way Tree as he was doing a 'licence plate' prank. In a video that has gained more than 100,000 views and multiple shares on social media, White approaches a parked black BMW with what appears to be a screwdriver and a licence plate. He then tells Chad Hype that he had removed his licence plate as it looked bent. He then said he was going to sell him another one. Chad Hype grabbed the licence plate from White's hand before realising that his vehicle had not been tampered with. White informs him that it was a prank, but a section of the video shows Chad Hype hitting White. The prankster said he is unbothered.

"I really didn't expect that reaction from him to be honest, but at the same time when you are doing these types of videos, yuh have to prepare yourself for anything. When I look back at the video, maybe him could have reacted different. But at the same time, it's a win-win situation for me because any publicity is good publicity," he said. "I hurt my ankle and I am hopping now but it's fine though because I got publicity. The pranks must go on. My face was swollen but it gone down now as I am a quick healer and I drink a lot of water."

He added, "It [confrontation] would happen eventually and nobody died. I don't think the pranks are dangerous. I just think that the reaction of Jamaican people is dangerous. Some people don't know what the word 'prank' mean and some people are kind of illiterate, so I guess I am trying to change Jamaica and let people laugh more," he said.

Chad Hype told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was unaware that White and his colleagues were pranksters.

"Crime is rampant in Jamaica and Half-Way Tree is a place where people get rob all the time, so I thought this was one of these instances. He keep telling me that he is removing my licence plate and I told him to leave it alone. He gave the impression that he was working for the Government. He had a screwdriver and another tool and he acted like he took off my plate and walk off. I thought it was my plate so I came out of the car and asked him to give mi my plate. I got into defensive mode and that's when my weapon was drawn because I didn't know if he was thief. I started to defend myself," he said.

Chad Hype stressed that he is not a violent person. He said he also damaged his finger in the altercation but is happy that neither he nor White received serious injuries.

"I want him to be careful of the pranks that he is going around and doing because not everyone will take them lightly. There were other drivers who got tricked like myself and there was this man in a gas station who moved towards his waist as if he had a weapon also. We are living in serious times and you just cannot go around doing these things," he said.

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