FA boss wants term limits in Manchester

March 14, 2018
Manchester FA president Barry Watson

New Manchester Football Association president, Baron 'Barry' Watson, says structural and administrative changes at the club level will be high on his agenda.

Watson, who has worked with the Manchester FA for more than 20 years in various capacities, including committee member, technical committee chairman, first vice-president and technical director, also wants to include term limits in the FA's constitution.

"I have a lot of experience within the parish and the association itself ... and there are a few things we want to happen. At the end of my time, I hope the improvement will be there in terms of club structure and how we administrate. I don't think we have proper club structures, so I want to get the clubs to understand that they need good structures, so they can understand how the FA is run," he said

"We have had discussions with the Social Development Commission to get the club members trained (in administration) and get them organised, as early as possible. We have started dialogue, and are looking at the first three months to get it started," he said.

Watson, who replaced Jamaica Football Federation general secretary Dalton Wint as head of football in the central Jamaica parish, noted that they are also putting together a committee to look at amending the constitution.




"We are looking at term limits," he said. "My term will be about two years. I will finish the term Mr Wint started, two years ago. The term of each president now is four years and we need term limits because we don't want to have a president for life. No one needs to serve more than eight years," he reasoned.

Meanwhile, the new president praised Member of Parliament for north-west Manchester, Mikael Phillips, for his late intervention in putting up $1.2 million to sponsor the parish's Major League and lauded Jamalco for increasing their sponsorship of the Division One competition.

Watson is looking at lifting the standard of football in the parish at the senior level.

"I am happy with the standard of football at youth level ... we can compete with the rest of the country up to Under-20 level ... and those youth programmes (Under-13, Under-15 and Under-17) have sponsorship so we are not bad off in our youth football," he said. However, Watson said to improve the standard among the seniors, there needed to be more focus on training at the club level.

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