Don't be obsessed with Bolt - Coe

April 09, 2018

Track and field chief Sebastian Coe has warned against an obsession with Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, as the sport enters a new era without an athlete that has basically carried the sport over the last 10 years.

Bolt retired from competitive athletics after last year's World Championships and there are already doubts that the sport will be able to see similar relevance in the global perspective with his absence from the track.

Coe underlined that track and field still enjoys amazing talent and that people should not become obsessed about replacing the world 100m and 200m record holder.

"This obsession with..." Coe started, before pausing midway his statement. "There are plenty of athletes around."

"Are we going to replace Usain Bolt? Probably not, because you don't replace Muhammad Ali.

"But Marvin Hagler and Manny Pacquiao and (Julio Cesar) Chavez and the great boxers came through."

Coe argued that despite Bolt's impact on the sport, there are other athletes who can fill the void and continue to produce epic performances.

"Usain under any set of circumstances has driven our sport and that's a high-class problem to have, and he will remain engaged," said Coe.

"But don't construe the fact that we don't have Usain as suddenly we've lost a generation of talent. It's there."

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