'Stop di foolishness!' - Nevers urges Netball Jamaica to make Henry national head coach

May 17, 2018

Veteran netball coach Winston Nevers said former national senior women's netball team coach Sasher-Gaye Henry should return to the set-up as head coach, with Marvette Anderson as her assistant.

Henry and Anderson were named co-coaches of the Sunshine Girls last July after Jermaine Allison-McCracken resigned from the post.

It is understood that Henry had become frustrated because she felt she was doing most of the work with the national side while receiving the same salary as Anderson.

The outspoken Nevers said Henry should be given the opportunity to lead the Sunshine Girls because she has been doing so since she was brought in almost a year ago.

"Sasher-Gaye is doing well. Remember that she was the assistant when Jermaine was there, and then, they put Sasher-Gaye in charge of the team and then they brought in Marvette there," said Nevers.

"I would look at it and say Sasher-Gaye should be the head coach and have Marvette there as an assistant because she is a very bright coach ... and she gets the job done," he said.




"The girls love her because after so much ups and downs when Allison-McCracken was there, Sasher-Gaye came in and got back the team together and doing well. So I think that Netball Jamaica should look into themselves and get the thing together and stop the foolishness," Nevers said.

Nevers, who is the coach of many-time Berger Paints League national champions Jamalco, added that he was surprised by Henry's sudden resignation.

"I think she should withdraw it (the resignation) and ask for what she wants and then go on. She is going to bring this team somewhere as they, the girls, love her, and they are going to play for her," he said.

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