Praise Harrison and Morgan - Waite

October 10, 2018
Tivoli Gardens FC's Nicholas Smith closely marks Arnett Gardens FC's Marvin Morgan (right) during a Red Stripe Premier League match on March 1, 2018.

Arnett Gardens coach, Jerome Waite, attributes his side's victory over Tivoli Gardens in their Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) derby on Monday night to the brilliance of goalkeeper Mikhail Harrison and captain Marvin Morgan.

Arnett, playing at their home field, the Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex, defeated the previously unbeaten Tivoli 1-0 to join the west-Kingston based club at the top the standings with nine points from four matches.

And, according to Waite, his side could not have accomplished the result without the vital contributions of Harrison and Morgan.

"It was a 'high-tempo' game. Both teams showed a lot of intensity and good tactical football and it was very physical as well," Waite said.

"We got our fair chances, even though they were few. We should have converted another but good goalkeeping from the Tivoli goalkeeper prevented it. But in the end that cross that the 'keeper' gave up and Marvin (Morgan) latched on made the difference," he continued.

"But in the latter part of the game the (Tivoli) substitutions came on and stepped it up for the Tivoli team and as a result they got a penalty. But Mikhail Harrison came up big for us to prevent that ball from scoring. When it comes to these big derby games, you expect your team to rise above expectations and our goalkeeper did that," he commented.

Meanwhile, Waite, who normally sport tracksuits on the sideline, turned up to the game dapperly dressed in suit.




He said his reason for changing his attire is to raise the profile of the game locally.

He admitted though that he might have to save the outfit for special matches.

"They have to understand that this is the next level. This (RSPL) is the highest level we play in our country and I believe the coaches can step up.

"It goes with a cost but even the Monday night live games we can look official. This (suit) was definitely for the Monday night, but for a regular sun hot game you wouldn't see it.

"But on a Monday night it's cool and I hope more coaches think about it and think about stepping up our level in the Premier League," he reasoned

He was also pleased to be back among the front-runners in the league. "Arnett Gardens always set the pace early in the season for the last three seasons, so it's nothing new, but we need to start finishing because at all times that will make the difference," he added.

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